Empower Hope
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Empowering Enterprise

How we do entrepreneurship

Training tomorrow's Job-Makers

EMPOWER HOPE trains, develops and mentors entrepreneurial-minded individuals who will become Business 4 Purpose job-makers and leaders in their communities. For those living in poverty the lack of meaningful employment erodes a sense of self worth which flows to family and community. We believe the solution to break the cycle of economic poverty is to harness the power of business by developing entrepreneurs who create jobs. This creates a new cycle of long-term economic sustainability. 

ambatana (stick together) Business Model

We believe people and communities can be positively transformed through for-profit business activities. A profitable and sustainable business is able to create new jobs, drive innovation and provide much needed resources for the communities they serve. Recognizing this need, some non-profit organizations are now beginning to teach “entrepreneurship in a classroom”.  However, with the exception of a few micro-finance banks, such as HOPE International, very few organizations measure the impact of their training. 

Our Ambatana Business Training Model is different. We train, invest and partner with selected entrepreneurs aiming to make the highest profit possible, thereby, stewarding our resources together so we can be on mission together. In these business partnerships we link people of faith in the developed world to those in the developing world. This systemic team of mentors composed of experienced business leaders, educators and a spiritual counselor provides on the job counsel giving the entrepreneur the best of both worlds. The business itself and life in the business for those involved provides the means of carrying the good news of Jesus through word and deed to the ‘ends of the earth’.


Business 4 Purpose Entrepreneurial Training

A unique 3-D method

Through our 3-D Method (Discover, Develop and Deploy), we identify (Discover), train and mentor young adults (Develop) empowering them to become entrepreneurs (Deploy). We believe development is done with people. By providing a business mentor walking alongside them in each stage of their business endeavor minimizes their risk of failure. Our 3-D Method identifies a process for economic development leading to sustainable solutions and counters the negative impacts of traditional aid approaches.


Innovation Station

Our Innovation Station offers a systematic approach to maximizing profits for the three stages of a business: Start Up, Straighten Up and Scale Up. This holistic approach builds, grows and supports successful business leaders and their businesses. 


Do you see a man skillful in his work? He will stand before kings.
— Proverbs 22:29
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The best way to predict the future is to create it.
— Peter Drucker