Empower Hope

The Effects of Poverty

What we see

Poverty is a thief

According to Poverties.org, “Nearly all possible effects of poverty have an impact on children’s lives”.  Children suffer the effects of poverty in all aspects of their lives.  From low birthweight and poor health to delayed development, lack of education, direction and purpose. Due to these factors, children born into poverty are likely to stay poor throughout their lives, perpetuating the cycle.

Empower Hope sees poverty for what it truly is: an identity thief, stripping a person's identity and destroying hope.

We believe that all people were created equal in the eyes of God,  but we also know that all people do not have equal opportunities. Empower Hope gives a face to the invisible by elevating, equipping and empowering those living in extreme poverty.

Through discipleship, mentoring, critical thinking, life skills training, and entrepreneurial cultivation, we equip indigenous leaders to walk alongside vulnerable children through each stage of their development empowering them to rise above poverty’s grip.  

By providing opportunity and giving the tools that an break cycle of poverty, the individual has a new path of purpose. 

What we focus on  

The 3-E Focus:  EQUALITY + EDUCATION + ENTerprise = Empowered Hope

  • Elevating Equality: by valuing the individual's uniqueness

  • Equipping through Education: to develop thinkers and leaders

  • Empowering Enterprise: to create sustainability.



Every vulnerable child is created with value and a unique purpose. EMPOWER HOPE supports and trains local young adults (Ambassadors) to lift the veil of invisibility from these children (Protegés) to elevate their view of themselves and their futures.   



 EMPOWER HOPE provides solutions to the gaps in local education by creating programs to help students develop to their fullest potential.  




  • Through our 3-S Approach Start-Up, Straighten-Up & Scale-Up; we are helping tomorrow’s leaders to become economically empowered and to be the change makers in their communities.