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Stories Of Hope

No longer invisible


Giving Hope A Face

Please take some time to read the following stories written by lives impacted by the work of Empower Hope. With your support and encouragement, we can reach further to create lasting change in the lives of vulnerable children and young adults whose lives have been caught in the perpetual cycle of poverty and create a new hope for their futures;  one of vision and purpose. 

There is no greater agony than bearing an untold story inside you.
— Maya Angelou
Fredrick, Mama Sharon and Ann

Fredrick, Mama Sharon and Ann

Fredrick’s Story:

“You told me once of a cheetah which climbed on top of your vehicle (on a safari!) and it was looking where its den was just to see whether the children were safe or if there was any enemy that could attack them.  I thank God that you come to Kenya to see your “kids” and understand their progress.  Somebody said that if you can’t feed 100 people, then feed just one.  On behalf of the “boys”, we are thankful for this great step that you took just to make sure that we are not consumed by the enemy because of ignorance and poverty.   I know you may feel that what you are doing is just a drop in the ocean.  But the ocean would be less because of that missing drop. 

  When you came to Huruma, you were not busy looking at the type of the village and its occupants, but looking at the heart of the young men who live there.  In those young men, you saw great people, not hopeless people who have mud thrown at them from childhood so that we and others could hardly see the precious treasures within our hearts and our lives.

You are a gift to me and the other young men of Huruma whom you have touched.  One of the best gifts you can ever give to a child is to make him aware of the immense opportunities the future holds and instill in him a sense of self respect, belief and confidence in life.  You are doing all these.  May God bless you all.  May He give you long lives, not to shake our hands but to keep on touching our hearts.  Thank you for being a turning point in my life and for trusting my leadership here in Kenya.”


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margaret's story:

I believed in God, but was sure He had forgotten about me and my daughter.  I could see nothing good about our lives. I lived a very painful life with no hope for a brighter tomorrow.  But you gave me a listening ear, and were very ready to hear my story in the midst of tears full of pain, hurt, and hopelessness without any clue that God was behind all of this and that He truly loved me and my daughter and is always concerned with everything in our lives. Because you have seen me I have been able to experience God’s affirmation of His love for me. I flash back and remember our first meeting when I had no idea that one that day you would be giving me wings to fly in life.

Words are often inadequate to express my joy for your help.  For sharing my dreams.  For your invaluable help, support and patience, I say thank you, thank you!


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Lucy's Story

After completing primary school, I worked as a house help in Nairobi to pay for my daily needs and the needs of my family. Furthering my education was not even a dream that I had left. Empower Hope and other compassionate people funded my entire high school and university education and I was able to graduate in August 2017 with a teaching degree! 

I was invisible to others, but my God saw me through the people He spoke to who helped me.  I was given a hand up when I needed it most and though I may never be able to give back to those who helped me, being an Empower Hope Ambassador allows me to give back to my community by restoring hope to the hopeless.  Inside me a seed has been planted and in me it will always grow; a seed of helping others regardless of their race, nationality or tribe.

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Antony's Story

When God created man He gave him a perfect life in the Garden of Eden.    However, in the present world we are no longer living in peace.  We are divided by continents, cultures, environments, finances, color and nationality.

However, there are precious people like Bob, Sharon and Jiana who have laid down their differences.  They have looked past their high standard of living in the USA and have looked at the low standard of the Kenyan people with UNCONDITIONAL LOVE.  This has brought hope, love, and unity.  It has established a great foundation for our lives.  They have provided a means for me to earning my daily living.  They have brought light into the darkness.

Empower Hope has giving me a new meaning for my life.  They have taught me that no matter how bad the situation is there is hope for a bright future.   That the best foundation for life is laid on our Lord Jesus Christ that HE is our rock.   I believe that through Christ, Empower Hope and my perseverance to keep walking that I will do much for the Lord.  Shalom