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Jiana Wynde-Mead


Sometimes, when life gives you what you least expect, a new path is forged.  Always, when you surrender your life to God, that path becomes your purpose. 

Jiana is a mom of many, both biological and 'adopted', grandmother (Jia) of one and former business proprietress. The self-taught skills she has learned throughout her life have been good preparation for founding an organization that brings hope to children and young adults through intentional focus to develop their gifts and talents. The children in Kenya have named her Mwendwa which means, "One who loves much" and is now called, “Shangazi” meaning, Aunt. A much respected title in Kenya.

She is forever creating and thinking up new things to do in Empower Hope and in her life.  She loves to cook and she really loves to eat... (and so does everyone who gets to eat her food!) and she especially loves a full house with lots of silliness, laughter and love!


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Robert Cook


Not a day goes by that Bob does not run into someone he knows and, If you're with him, there's a likely chance that he knows someone you know. He has been affectionately deemed, "Bob the Connector".

His many years living in and owning several businesses in the Lancaster area has prepared him well for this new venture in life. When most are dreaming of retiring and playing endless rounds of golf, or putzing around in their garage workshop, Bob is dreaming of how he can impact the world from his seat at Panera or from his couch at home (and Sharon says, "Even in his dreams!") We all have a hard time keeping up with him.

It is not his higher education, or his business success which qualifies Bob to lead Empower Hope, but his daily reliance upon God to refine the vision which He has placed in his heart.


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Sharon Cook


 It has been said that when you love people in more than one place, your heart is never truly at home.

Sharon, wife of Bob, taught first grade before starting their family of two daughters. With nine grandchildren and four great-grandchildren, she loves being surrounded by family, one on one, or the whole tribe at once! 

Now some of her “family” live far away in Kenya.  Her greatest joy is arriving in Nairobi (although not the 30 hours it takes to get there!), to spend time with the precious people who call her “Mum”, and then to arrive at home again to be called Mom, Gram, or GIGI!   

In between those times, she connects through WhatsApp on a daily basis, to send a blessing, a prayer, or just to chat or encourage those who call her Mama Wa Kiroho (Spiritual Mother)


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