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New Model

Generational Mentorship

TEMBEA NAMI~Walk With Me  Generational Mentorship Model

Equipping one generation to lead the next

Empower Hope believes in order to change a nation we must first change a generation. To change a generation, we must start with one child at a time.

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In any child’s life and especially in the lives of vulnerable children who have faced trauma and poverty, deep healing is needed before one can begin to think further than their situation. Before one can have hope of a different future.  Poverty, and it's effects, are what most of the children we serve have known their entire lives. We believe the solution for overcoming generational poverty, and its parasitic infiltration into a child’s world, comes only through a holistic approach focusing on spirit, mind, and body. 

To create holistic transformation, we focus on each child’s unique needs, gifts and talents, educating and developing the whole person and creating economic opportunity. This empowers and equips the individual to break the cycle of poverty and to create a new cycle of purpose.

True change comes from within, therefore we believe that the only answer is through an indigenously led and nationally driven approach to overcoming the destructive issues these children face daily. 

Our TEMBEA NAMI~Walk With Me Generational Mentorship Model addresses the five key areas of holistic care of a vulnerable child.  With an understanding of each individual’s value to God and community, we equip young adults (Ambassadors) to walk alongside vulnerable children (Protégés) in a mentorship relationship, helping them to heal and grow and eventually reach out to serve their communities. Focusing on the individual first then empowering that individual to reach out to others creates the change that supports generational transformation.

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Working Through the Local Church


Transformation in the Five Key Areas:

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True and complete healing comes only through the grace of God and the sacrifice of Jesus Christ.  Acceptance of this gift and personal relationship with our Creator is the only way for total healing to take place in a vulnerable child’s heart. This heart transformation begins the first step in healing, and the child begins to view themselves and the world through a new lens. The trauma and brokenness that each child faces, must be addressed with these truths first and with cultural, age-appropriate sensitivity. 

Working through the local church, we discover, develop and deploy indigenous young adults to walk alongside each child in a mentoring relationship creating a lifeline each step of the way. 

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Through intentional mentorship and lifelong relationships, we address the brokenness and loss of hope that is a direct result of poverty and trauma. By creating and building these bonds of trust with a highly-trained caring adult, self-worth is developed and vulnerable children are lifted up from where they are and nurtured to where they were meant to be.  

We train young adults to become champions for orphaned and vulnerable children in their communities. We focus on building people not institutions, so that orphanages can become a thing of the past and children will no longer ‘age out’ of care to get lost in the world. 

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The Bible states that we are to not conform to the world but be transformed by the renewing of our minds. This is central to our educational approach. Providing programs to supplement school curriculums, EMPOWER HOPE looks at each child’s unique gifts and talents and directs focus toward their individual strengths.

 Teaching children to be thinkers and problem solvers so they can become the next generation of leaders in their communities who will give back through job creation, community involvement and mentoring other vulnerable children.  This changes the trajectory of their current state and  creates the cycle of purpose and success.

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Empower Hope sees the needs of safety and security as foundational. Until this is met, one cannot see past their current situation to the possibility of a different future, one filled with hope and opportunity. 

In some cases, crisis intervention is necessary, in others food, basic healthcare and clean water is the primary need.

We focus on the child’s individual need ensuring they are cared for and safe so we can minister to their broken hearts bringing healing and hope. 

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Creating opportunity by growing entrepreneurs who create jobs for themselves and those in their communities is vital to economic sustainability. Through our Business 4 Purpose (B4P) approach, we develop entrepreneurs, pair them with a business mentor, assist them in developing and launching their businesses and walk alongside them as they start and grow.

Our program offers a start-up, straighten-up, and scale-up focus for each stage of business development. This results in economic empowerment for the individual, their families and their employees as well as their communities.

"What you leave behind is not what is engraved in stone monuments, but what is woven into the lives of others." ~Pericles

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