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The Ubuntu Life Center

Partnering for Hope 

Joseph has devoted his entire life to rescuing and caring for abandoned children. Early in his adulthood he had a vision which brought three street children to him to care for. This began his rescue efforts. Now, 20 years later, with over 120 children in his care, he is known and respected in his community for his selfless lifestyle. 

With only a bit of farming and donations from the community members, Joseph provides all he can to care for these children.

Empower Hope has partnered with Joseph to walk alongside him and the children to bring hope for a brighter future.

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joseph's story

Joseph Muthaura has always had a heart for the lost. Since living with missionaries in Kenya’s largest slum, Kibera, to the night he had a dream where he was told he would have three children visitors the next day and that he should put food outside his door for them at 11:30. True to his dream, three street boys were walking by and saw the food and ate it. Joseph did this for the next three days and each day the boys would come back and eat the food. On the fourth day, he asked the boys where they would eat the next day. They responded that they would find rotten bananas if they were lucky. He asked them if they would appreciate a place to stay and a new beginning. They said they would and Joseph’s Children’s Home was begun.

Fast forward to the end of the year.  Word had spread and Joseph now had 30 children, both boys and girls!  Within five years, the orphanage was a legal entity and people began to know Joseph as the rescuer of orphaned and abandoned children.

Today, Joseph is still providing for his children, all 120 of them!  He has dedicated his life to saving the lost and empowering them to believe in themselves and become who God designed them to be. 

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The children

A tiny baby left abandoned in a hotel room. A little girl given away because of health needs. A child abused, unwanted, infected with HIV. Sisters whose parents are in prison and left with no one to care for them. Children wandering aimlessly in the streets. Orphans. Vulnerable children.

These are the stories of the 120 children of the Ubuntu Life Center who have been picked up, cared for, given a place to call home and loved by Uncle Joseph, whose heart always has room for one more.   

The smiles on their faces come quickly when once there were none, yet the orphan heart lies beneath the surface. Healing must come before they can learn to trust, to reach beyond their painful experiences to a more hopeful future.  Empower Hope has come alongside Joseph to expand their educational opportunities, to instill a Hand Up, Help Others (HUHO) attitude, and to provide young adults who will walk beside them throughout their lives. We desire to be sure they are ready to be the leaders of tomorrow. 

Our holistic approach will give a new face to these once invisible children. Because every vulnerable child is just one caring adult away from being a success story.

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The Ubuntu Life Center

The picture above is the future site of the Ubuntu Life Cente. Here the children Joseph has called his own will live, run, play, grow, and learn.

Under the guidance of our Founder and Executive Director-Kenya, Roselyne Mairori, we are beginning to implement the steps to relocating the children to 12 acres and building a school and family-style homes for the children to live in with houseparents. These children will begin to benefit from stylized training and preparation for becoming leaders in their communities giving back in the Hand Up-Help Others concept that EMPOWER HOPE embraces.