Empower Hope
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Huruma Slum

Bringing Hope to Slum Children


Children of the slum

Amongst those in poverty, slums are a normal way of living. Tin shacks, lack of running water, minimal to no electricity, little safety and even less hope of change for the better.   

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Huruma means compassion

Huruma slum is located in some of the most expensive area in Nairobi, Runda. Just behind the wall that separates the slum from the rest of the world lies massive homes of very wealthy people who choose to not see the people who live just beyond the wall in Huruma. The community is built on 'borrowed' land from the government who 'allows' the slum dwellers to remain, for now. Huruma is comprised of over 5000 residents, two churches and schools. A few kiosks where goods are sold are just outside the gate. 

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Soccer initiative

Soccer is a sport that is widely played all across Africa. When nothing else unites, an active game of soccer (football)  always does. Our Sports Director, James, has created a soccer camp within Huruma which teaches skills, teamwork and appreciation for their community through lessons, projects, soccer skills and then, finally, a great game!  

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Group Initiatives

True change comes from within before it can manifest to actions. Empower Hope is reaching out to children of slum communities to build hope through programs designed for the challenges that children raised in a slum face daily. Our Tembea Nami Program is currently ministering to 53 children. We are now implementing an after-school tutoring program to give the children a safe place to do their homework, receive a nutritious snack and learn valuable life-skills from trained Ambassadors.