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Sponsorship- Give A Face

Empowering hope one child at a time

 Sponsorship Program

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Give a Face

When you become a Give a Face Sponsor, you give more than just education, food and clothing, you create opportunity. Your gift supports the care and growth of the whole person throughout their lives by providing a hand up so they can develop the gifts God gave them to help themselves and one another creating the community that had once been lost. Now, no one ever is without someone who supports and cares for them.

Orphans and vulnerable children have experienced trauma such as poverty, abuse, neglect, abandonment and loss of one or both parents. This impacts the core of every area in a child’s development. Due to this trauma, orphans and vulnerable children have unique needs that require intentional intervention by trained and caring people.

They tried to bury us.
They didn’t know we were seeds.
— Mexican Proverb

Through our Tembea Nami-Walk With Me program, Ambassadors and trained professionals come alongside each child offering trauma counseling, individualized attention and focused development of the child’s gifts and talents. No child ages out or gets left behind.

The children/young adults awaken to who they were meant to be and gain the skills needed to be forever changed, bringing healing and hope for a new path of success.

When you sponsor a child or young adult through one of our programs, you’ll witness the change that occurs when, once unseen, these children and young adults become visible through acceptance, intentional and individual focus, and specialized training. A future and renewed hope are now a reality.

Empowering Hope in one child at a time…

As a sponsor you will receive:

  • Quarterly updates about the program you’ve chosen to support 
  • Facing It Review Newsletter with Ambassador's Face-to-Face Mentorship Stories
  • A highlight bio of several of the children benefitting from the program.

Sponsorship Opportunities

Mentorship Training Programs

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Vulnerable girls and teen Mothers in poverty

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Huruma Slum
Children caught in the cycle of poverty

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Maasai Mara
Maasai Community support and development

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The HUHO Adventure
Value Camp for orphans and vulnerable children

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The Ubuntu Life Center
Orphans in Nkubu

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Educating Slum Children