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Locations We Impact


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At-Risk Teen Girls

Kitale, Kenya

In rural areas, young women and girls are vulnerable to assault. Many become pregnant and are then cast out of their communities. Violated, rejected and alone, they face the harsh realities of a future with no hope. 


Huruma Slum Children

Nairobi, KEnya

Partnering with local churches, we identify the most at-risk children and focus on character development through programs designed to create a path and a purpose for their futures.   

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Kawangware Slum Children

Nairobi, Kenya

Partnering with one of our Ambassadors, we support the development and growth of preschoolers while providing a safe place for them so mothers are able to go to work. 


Maasai Children

Maasai Mara, Kenya

Working with Maasai villages to create economic sustainability and to provide educational initiatives for a changing culture.

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Ubuntu Life Center

Nkubu, Kenya

Partnering to create a new future for orphans who have lived a life of poverty, abandonment, and pain.

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OSWW-Educating Slum Children

Nairobi, KEnya

Offering alternative educational interventions for marginalized children through mentorship, values-based teaching and life-skills.