Empower Hope

Why Empower Hope?

Because being created equal doesn't mean

equal opportunity


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We see the devastation that poverty causes; spiritual, emotional, mental, physical, and economical. Poverty steals a person's identity and strips a person of purpose, self-worth, and vision, leaving them without hope. We've seen the devastating effects of a hand-out  mentality, which strips a person of their dignity and leaves them feeling incapable and insufficient. They deserve a change. Our hand-up approach equips and empowers.

By investing in children, we invest into our future. We believe that by equipping young adults and empowering orphans and vulnerable children, they will become the next generation of leaders and the ones who will bring hope to their communities.

They are our future. They will be the change.



After pouring billions of dollars into 'helping' the poor, poverty is still ravaging the lives of millions of people throughout the world. Humanitarian aid has hurt more than helped. Aid is not the answer, empowering those in poverty is.

Empower Hope's TEMBEA NAMI~Walk With Me Generational Mentorship Model aims to break the cycle of poverty by equipping young adults to invest in the lives of vulnerable children within their communities. Where there was once no hope of a way out, a path is now laid that leads to purpose.

Our FIVE DIFFERENTIATORS lead to transformational change:

  • Holistic: Spiritual, Emotional, Mental, Physical and Economic

  • Local: Equipping indigenous people to serve their communities

  • Long Term: Walking with a child through their lives, 'never aging out'.

  • Scalable: Model drives exponential growth

  • Sustainable: Partnering in Business 4 Purpose to create sustainability for the individual and for Empower Hope

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To change a nation, you must first change a generation, to change a generation, you must start with one child.
— Bob Cook, Founder