Empower Hope
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Core Values

What drives us

Core Values

Beliefs that establish our direction:

Christ-centered Worldview - We seek to see others through the eyes of Jesus and to bring them the healing hope of Christ.

Individual Value - We treat others with dignity recognizing that each person is created in God’s image and has distinct and inherent value. 

Unique Purpose - God has a plan for our lives as individuals. He has given us each a unique set of gifts and talents, coupled with our life experiences to make us who we will be for His glory. 

Corporate Value - We work together for the good of the whole. The Ubuntu Life is our goal.

Sustainability - We approach our mission through self-sustainable efforts and rely on God for the increase.

Empowerment - We seek to provide more than a quick fix. We strive to fix larger systemic problems and empower people to succeed.

Integrity - We pursue honorable initiative and conduct business in a way that is transparent and ethical. 

Business 4 Purpose - As a Business 4 Purpose organization, we create sustainability for our organization through business.  We believe that by building profitable businesses and partnering with indigenous people, families and communities are economically strengthened.

To change a nation, we must first change a generation.
To change a generation, we must start by changing a person’s life.
We do this one child at a time.
— Bob Cook, Founder